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Your soul's history

Everything you have ever wanted to know about your soul and your soul's journey can be found in your Akashic record. For most people, this is the first time they are hearing that they have an Akashic record and they may be wondering what types of information is held in their record.

Every word, deed, action, thought & experience that your soul has ever had is located in your Akashic record. You can also access future possibilities when communicating with the Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones aka the Guardians of the records.

For example, lets say that you have always had a certain love for another country and you don't know why you feel so connected to that particular place. Information about this affection for a foreign country can be accessed in your record. It may have been that one of your lifetimes took place in this particular country and your soul remembers this experience and has a fondness for that area.

Another example could be that you have a re-occurring irrational fear about dying in some horrific way that would not normally take place in our modern times. You could ask questions about this particular fear to gain insight as to why it is coming up and how to heal it, so that you no longer have to deal with this fear.

In terms of future possibilities, lets say that you want to make a career change, but you are feeling unsure and uneasy about taking the leap. You can connect with the Guardians of the records to see how this potential career change could impact you. You could be given guidance and action steps that would be helpful for you to consider.

Another way to use the records would be to address food issues and/or intolerances. Do you want to know why your body responds to food in a certain way? Do you wonder how sugar for example effects the cells within your body? Can you eat sugar at all? These types of questions and more can be asked in your record to get guidance and/or action steps that you can take to help make your body healthier.

By connecting into your record and learning more about the history of your soul, you have the ability to change how you move through the world & you have the ability to heal things that are no longer serving you. You can address and cancel outdated oaths, contracts, vows & agreements that were made in a previous lifetime, but that are no longer serving you.

At the end of the day, the ways that you can use your Akashic record are endless!

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