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Gratitude is the best attitude!

When we express gratitude to the universe for what we already have in our lives, it allows us to then receive more good stuff!

People always ask what they could/should be grateful for & there really are no rules. I always say to get creative with your gratitude & to include your everyday items as well. Here are a few of my go to's (in no particular order):

1)my health & the health of my family

2)having a roof over my head

3)having electricity & water

4)having food in the refrigerator & the cabinets

5)having cable/internet

6)all the money that I have in the bank

7)having health/dental insurance

8)my doctors

9)having teeth to chew my food with

10)my physical body & everything that makes it up (heart, lungs, nerves etc)

11)my family

12)my animal companions

13)a car to get me places

14)my spiritual team & all of their support

15)the ability to read & write which allows me to acquire new knowledge & share what I know

16)my clients

17)my mentors

18)my friends

19)my vision

20)my hearing

This list took me maybe 2 minutes to think of. Coming up for things to be grateful for is super easy & there is no right or wrong. Additionally, you can change up your list as often as you like.

When you take the time to let the universe know that you appreciate all that you have now even though there is more you want in the future, it lets the universe know to send you more good stuff that you will appreciate. After all, how do you feel when gifts you give are not appreciated?!

There is abundance all around us if we take the time to look & acknowledge it. Yes, we all want more good things in our lives & with a little gratitude & some patience, you can trust that it is all its way to you!

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