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This powerful group coaching program is all about helping you tap into your intuition & psychic abilities in powerful ways!

In this program you will:

-gain a clear understanding of how intuition works

-understand  the psychic "clairs"

-how the witch wound keeps you afraid of tapping into your own power & abilities

-how to work with your unique way of receiving information

-how to trust your intuition

-how to feel more empowered

-how to move confidently through the world, knowing that no external validation or approval is ever needed

Witch wounds are a wound on the collective, which means that even if you were not deemed to be a witch in a previous lifetime or did not play a role during that time, the wound is still effecting you on a collective consciousness level.  The damage done by the witch hunts, is still playing out in your life today. You may have been taught to remain small and quiet, never being "too much" or being to assertive. You are to be seen & not heard along with a number of other "rules" that were created by those in power.


Keeping you disconnected from your true power has always been the goal. This group coaching program is all about reclaiming your true power to be the highest version of you!


Module 1: Letting go of fear

In this Soul shifting module, you will uncover & heal your subconscious & conscious fears around your intuitive capabilities & psychic gifts. Everyone is intuitive, society and/or family can keep you in fear of owning them. In this module, you will experience a powerful shift in your intuitive gifts, so that you can allow your intuition to guide you into your highest & aligned path.

Module 2: Clearing the witch wounds

In this powerful module,  we will uncover, clear, heal & transform the witch wounds that are keeping you stuck  in fear & that are dimming your light, so that you can free yourself from playing small & embody the gifts & abilities that you have to trust yourself & others, while letting go of the fear of persecution while also healing the sister wound.

Module 3: Playful awakening

In this playful module, you will learn fun games that will awaken your intuition & psychic gifts. This will allow you to understand how you receive intuitive information & most importantly, how to trust what you receive.

Module 4: Owning your Intuition

In this heart opening module, you will learn how to own your intuitive gifts, so that you can use them in your daily life. This module will assist in boosting confidence in how you receive intuitive information & how fun & easily it can come to you!

Module 5: Diving deeper

In this Soulful module, we will take a deep dive & uncover any doubts and/or fears you may be experiencing while playing with your intuition & clear them, so that you can navigate your life from a place of empowerment, not fear.

Module 6: Aligned & Empowered

In this powerful module, you will experience a major Soulful healing, where we clear out more witch wounds that are holding you back, so that you can be in full alignment with your empowered future self & start living in the present, feeling empowered, confident, aligned & free!

What you get:


This is a 3 month container which contains:   

  - 6 Live 90 minute group coaching calls

  -Replays of all calls

  - Bonus energetic clearing

  - *unknown right now

  - the first 5 people to sign up, get a FREE 30 minute intuitive guidance session!

 Retail price: $2,000.00

 Pay in full Early Bird Special pricing: $997.00 ( a 50% savings!)

  3 month early bird special payment plan option of:  $1196.40  ($398.80 per month)


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