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This powerful group coaching program is all about reclaiming your true power to be the highest version of you by learning how to tap into your intuition & psychic abilities!

In this program you will:

-gain a clear understanding of how intuition works

-understand  the psychic "clairs"

-how collective wounds keeps you afraid of tapping into your own power & abilities

-how to work with your unique way of receiving information

-how to trust your intuition

-how to feel more empowered

-how to move confidently through the world, knowing that no external validation or approval is ever needed

-finally being able to own your abilities & trust yourself

-stop playing small

-feel confident, empowered & aligned

-learn how to read other people to pick up information

There are collective consciousness wounds, like the witch wound, that have taught you to fear your own power & to keep you disconnected from your ability to receive information for yourself. Additionally,  you may have been taught to remain small and quiet, never being "too much" or being to assertive. You are to be seen & not heard along with a number of other "rules" that were created by those in power.


Keeping you disconnected from your true power has always been the goal. This group coaching program is all about reclaiming your true power to be the highest version of you!


Module 1: You are psychic!

In this eye-opening module, we will discuss terminology to give you a foundation of what psychic abilities & intuition are, and what they are not. You will be provided with clear ways of viewing your own abilities & will understand everyone is psychic, society and/or family can keep you in fear of owning your abilities & trusting yourself.

Module 2: Owning your intuition

In this powerful module, we will activate your intuition & psychic abilities while helping you to understand how you primarily receive psychic information. In addition, you will experience a powerful shift in your intuitive gifts, so that you can allow your intuition to guide you onto your highest aligned path.

Module 3: Clearing the witch wound & other psychic blocks

In this soul shifting module you will uncover & understand your conscious & unconscious fears around your intuitive capabilities & psychic gifts; that keep you stuck in fear & that are dimming your light, so that you can stop playing small & learn to fully trust yourself.


Module 4: Playful awakening

In this playful module, you will learn fun games that will awaken your intuition & psychic gifts. This will allow you to understand how you receive intuitive information on a deeper level & most importantly, how to trust what you receive.


Module 5: Diving deeper

​In this heart opening module, you will learn how to own your intuitive gifts, so that you can use them in your daily life. This module will assist in boosting confidence in how you receive intuitive information & how fun & easily it can come to you!


Module 6: Aligned & Empowered

In this powerful module, you will experience more play so that you can be trust your abilities at a whole new level which will help you to  feel empowered, confident, aligned & free!

Live group coaching calls will be held on Thursdays:

Can't make it live?! No problem, replays will be available for all the classes.


What people are saying

"I found the classes to be very effective. The course utilized all the key ways that people learn: hearing, reading and doing. And we had fun! I especially found the mini-classes to be helpful in understanding how to use tools and improve my abilities! Being able to replay the sessions was great, too. But the best thing was how you encouraged me and helped me gain confidence in my abilities."

"As always, working with Allison gets you more clear on your own magical powers - our birth right as nonphysical beings in physical bodies. I had so much fun on this course rediscovering things about my psychic abilities that as a child I was always so curious about and sure that I had something but eventually faded because society does not encourage such "endeavors".  Now I feel like I'm living in a magical way, no long "just" a human being and I can tap into messages directed to me and for others around me. It is almost as if I've been given the permit to tap into that realm that was always there for us but also was taboo in many ways. Looking forward to further expanding my new awaken abilities!"

"Wonderfully skilled teacher and counselor, sharp and direct in her assessments, and offers practical, baby-step advices that make the spirit and energetic realms logical and accessible to newbie practitioners. Allison is gentle and encouraging in getting us to step out of our intellect, and never makes us feel inadequate, small or inexperienced. The program environment was, in every way, a true safe space."

What you get:

This is a 3 month container which contains:   

  - 6 Live 90 minute group coaching calls (+ bonus class)

  - Replays of all calls

 -  Private facebook group for connection & support


  - Psychic abilities activation & attunement (priceless!!)

  - Bonus expansion meditation (value $50)

 -connecting with your higher self bonus class (priceless!)

  -Protection crystals mini masterclass (value $50.00)

  -crystals shapes mini masterclass (value $50.00)

  -Surprise bonuses along the way!

**Please note that space is limited in this program as I like to keep it small in size so that everyone can get individual attention. **

Not sure if this program is right for you?! Book a FREE 30 minute discovery & we can chat about it.

Meet your coach

Allison is a powerful intuitive who utilizes people's spiritual support teams, animal companions & energy work to create powerful group coaching programs to help people expand & grow to their next level! 

Allison has utilized her psychic abilities her whole life & loves connecting people back into their psychic abilities with lots of tips & tricks.

Allison is an Intuitive Coach, Soul Level Animal Communicator® , Soul Level Intuitive Coach® , Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner, Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner & Healer as well as a Quantum Human Design Specialist tm.

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