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Purple Glow

Welcome to Manifestation Magic!

This is where you get clear on:

-What you want

-What is standing in the way of you receiving it

-What limiting beliefs do you have about abundance/receiving

-How to transform limiting beliefs like lack, scarcity & limitation

-How to raise your consciousness to be in alignment with what you desire

Module 1: Lack, limitation & scarcity beliefs

In this eye opening module, we will discuss all the ways that you are consciously & unconsciously limiting the flow of abundance into your life. Since abundance is all things including money, health, wellness, joy, fulfillment & much more, it is important to understand how you unintentionally blocking all the things you desire so that you can being to allow in more of what you want! Including a powerful money block clearing!

Module 2: Placing your order with the universe

In this powerful module, we will discuss what to do & what not to do when placing your order with the universe so that you are co-creating in a clear, concise manner. When you are unsure of what energy to put out, it makes it harder for the universe to deliver in the way you desire.

Module 3: Consciousness & Vibration

In this potent module, we will discuss the different levels of consciousness & why raising your consciousness & vibration is so important. This module will help you step into a higher vibration & level of consciousness so that you can create in a powerful, aligned way!

Module 4: Universal & Spiritual laws part I

In this eye opening module, you will gain an understanding of the different universal laws that apply to manifestation so that you can begin attracting what you desire while using the universal laws to your benefit!

Module 5: Universal & Spiritual Laws part II

In this fun module we take a deeper dive into more of the universal & spiritual laws so that you can have an even better understanding of how to use the laws to pull into your reality what you truly desire. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A around these concepts.

Module 6: Get into alignment to receive!

In this Soul shifting module, you will begin to understand the art of receiving so that you can allow yourself to receive your hearts desires. You will begin to understand that the universe/god/source/the divine, want you to experience all the abundance your heart desires & that you are automatically worthy of receiving it all!! 


This is a 3 month container which contains:   

  - 6 Live -90 minute group coaching calls + a 90 minute bonus call

  - Replays of all calls

 -  Private facebook group for connection & support


-DNA abundance activation & attunement (value $150.00)

-Crystals for abundance mini masterclass (value $50.00)

Session dates & times:

**All sessions are 90 minutes


What people are saying...

As always, Allison delivers! More than just a "tutorial" or "how to"; the program addresses specific needs of each participant, open to questions and offering invaluable counseling. And the one-on-one coaching is not intimidating, but encouraging. It is pertinent to each participant as well; one never feels left out. Allison takes the time to help each participant and and shows each of us how to be successful and create the life we want.

Jordan G. 

The course manifestation magic changed my life already while we were still in it. Working on my self limiting beliefs makes me happy and I feel freedom since I started it.

Susi S.

After utilizing Alison as my animal communicator, I quickly realized she was a very gifted psychic and guide. From the start I felt an unwavering trust as she nailed the relationships between me and my cats. Not only was she wise and compassionate, she had a great sense of humor, and I soon found myself taking her courses. I always leave feeling inspired, enlightened and empowered after my meetings with Allison. I wholeheartedly recommend her and her courses to anyone seeking answers, support and soul-expanding growth.

Jasmine S.

I really enjoyed the Manifestation Magic course.  Allison gave us clear guidance on ways we can shift ourselves into a better mindset and a higher vibration that can open doors to more abundance.  I always knew playing with our imagination was fun but I didn't realize it could be a such a catalyst for helping us make our dreams come true. Thanks Allison for giving us steps we can take to better align ourselves with what we want to bring into our lives. I'm eager to keep practicing what we learned and excited about the future possibilities.

Denise D.

Manifestation Magic was such a great way to start the new year! The course was very well organized and covered a lot in just a few classes. I love the intuitive element that Allison brings. I started the program wanting to manifest 2 very specific things in my life - improved health and more friends. About a month out from the course and there have already been improvements for both! The guidance was very specific, positive, and we got individual feedback in each class. I highly recommend Manifestation Magic!

Carrie M.


Meet your coach

Allison is a powerful intuitive who utilizes people's spiritual support teams, animal companions & energy work to create powerful group coaching programs to help people expand & grow to their next level! 

Allison loves helping people to explore their level of consciousness & helps to teach them how to create all that they desire by elevating their consciousness.

Allison is an Intuitive Transformational Coach, Soul Level Animal Communicator® , Soul Level Intuitive Coach® , Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner, Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner & Healer as well as a Quantum Human Design Specialist tm.

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