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Welcome to Manifestation Magic!

This is where you get clear on:

-What you want

-What is standing in the way of you receiving it

-What limiting beliefs do you have about abundance/receiving

-How to transform limiting beliefs like lack, scarcity & limitation

-How to raise your consciousness to be in alignment with what you desire

Module 1: Lack, limitation & scarcity beliefs

In this eye opening module, we will discuss all the ways that you are consciously & unconsciously limiting the flow of abundance into your life. Since abundance is all things including money, health, wellness, joy, fulfillment & much more, it is important to understand how you unintentionally blocking all the things you desire so that you can being to allow in more of what you want! Including a powerful money block clearing!

Module 2: Placing your order with the universe

In this powerful module, we will discuss what to do & what not to do when placing your order with the universe so that you are co-creating in a clear, concise manner. When you are unsure of what energy to put out, it makes it harder for the universe to deliver in the way you desire.

Module 3: Consciousness & Vibration

In this potent module, we will discuss the different levels of consciousness & why raising your consciousness & vibration is so important. This module will help you step into a higher vibration & level of consciousness so that you can create in a powerful, aligned way!

Module 4: Get into alignment to receive!

In this Soul shifting module, you will begin to understand the art of receiving so that you can allow yourself to receive your hearts desires. You will begin to understand that the universe/god/source/the divine, want you to experience all the abundance your heart desires & that you are automatically worthy of receiving it all!! Receive a powerful healing to get you into alignment!


This is a 1 month container which contains:   

  - 4 Live -90 minute group coaching calls 

  - Replays of all calls

 -  Private facebook group for connection & support


-DNA abundance activation & attunement (value $150.00)

-Crystals for abundance mini masterclass (value $50.00)

Session dates & times:

**All sessions are 90 minutes


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