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Did you know that every color has its own unique vibration?!

As I am sure you are aware, certain colors bring about certain moods, like yellow being happy or red being angry. But there is even more to it than that. How are the colors in your life influencing how you feel & think?

Lets start with the basics:

Red= anger, passion, inspires action & willpower. In Buddhism, it is the color of bravery & compassion. Associated with the planet Mars, it is a color that inspires action and willpower.

Orange=less intensity then red, creativity, play & new ideas. Associated with the planet Mercury, orange not only stimulates new ideas but also helps communicate them.

Yellow= Happiness & joy. Wear often to uplift your mood! Associated with the Sun, yellow brings the bright healing power of this luminary force.

Green= A color of growth, abundance, expansion. Brings in harmony. Connected to Uranus.

Blue= calm & peacefulness. It promotes rest & relaxation. Is connected with the moon.

Indigo=deep, deep blue. Connected with the 3rd eye & intuition.

Violet=the color of royalty. In between calm blue & passionate red. Color of balance & beauty & is associated with Jupiter.

Brown=all about Earth. A very prevalent color when working with nature. Very grounding & earthy.

Black= the absence of light & is commonly used when thinking about protection especially with crystals. Black Tourmaline for example is all about protection & not absorbing negative energies.

White=all wavelengths of visible light. White crystals have cleansing properties like selenite for example.

Seeing some of the basics of colors, which colors do you find yourself most drawn to & why? In what ways can you incorporate more of the colors into your life & how can they help raise your vibration? The use of color is always being used in different ways. Some prisons purpose paint the walls pink or yellow to create a more harmonious environment. How can painting your own walls change the vibration of your home?

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