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Joy is a powerful emotion & one that can have a huge ripple effect out from yourself when you spread it around.

The definition of Joy is: A feeling of great pleasure & happiness.

Joy has a very high vibration & it has the ability to raise the vibration of people, places & things. When we express joy & really feel lit up like a Christmas tree, the feeling ripples out from us & interacts with all those who are around us.

For example, you are at a grocery store & maybe not having the best day. You go to checkout & the cashier has a super joyous feel about her. She is happy & excited to assist you. You exit the store feeling better then when you entered the store. Why? Because the cashier shared her joy with you! Can you imagine if every person shared their joy with the world?!

We all effect the feeling of collective consciousness. What we give to collective consciousness is up to us. We can provide joy or misery & whatever we give ripples out & effects every other living being. We all can raise the consciousness & the vibration of the planet with how we move through the world & the choices that we make.

Think about what brings you joy & how can you share that joy? How can you bring light to wherever you go & share it with whoever you meet? By sharing joy, we help those who are struggling or feeling down. The holidays can be a lonely time for those who have no family. Could you invite someone to your table who would otherwise be alone on the holidays? Can you donate your time, items or money to those in need? Can you help your neighbor hang holiday lights? Whatever way we can spread joy, we should.

Happy Holidays!

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