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Death, Dying and Beyond, Part 1

Let's face it, people are looking at the dying process and death in the wrong way. As humans we are conditioned from an early age to believe that death is a terrible thing. While death is a hard to deal with, there are different ways to view it. Lets look at how the animals view it....

Animals view death as a cause for celebration! The work they were sent here to do is complete on their end and they are now graduating back into spirit. You see, animals know that dying is not the end all be all that people think it is. They plan their own passing and know when and how they will pass. They also understand that dying is simply a change in their energetic state. They can still communicate with us, visit with us and continue working with us. For them, nothing has changed except they are no longer in a physical body.

One of the things that comes up a lot in readings is the owners fear and/or regret that they should have done something differently. Every time, the animals have made it clear that they never want their owners to carry that burden. Since animals plan their own passing even down to who will or will not be around, there is no reason to worry that you did something wrong.

Animals in spirit are constantly watching and spending time with their owners. The people I work with are always looking for signs that their beloved pet is near. However, when you are constantly looking for signs you can actually block them from occurring. You have to allow time for your heart to heal and be kind to yourself while going through the grieving process. Once you have begun to move through the grief, then it will become easier to spot the signs from your deceased pet. Please remember that your pet in spirit wants nothing more then for you to smile and to enjoy life again after their passing. They never want you to remain sad or to never get another pet again. In fact, they will happily send you a new animal to continue working with you!

In next months blog, we will discuss death from humans in spirit and after that will will go into the dying process for humans and animals. Have questions, shoot me an email at

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