Do you want to heal past trauma/abuse? I can help you bring about closure and/or healing.

Do you want to move past your limiting beliefs? I can help you step into your power and become comfortable in your own skin. 

Do you want a deeper connection with your spiritual team to facilitate your own spiritual growth? I can help you to move forward in your life with renewed hope & positive attainable action steps.

Are you questioning if this is really all there is? I can help you through your spiritual awakening process.

Are you going through a transitional period in your life? I can help you gain clarity on the next steps.

This program is designed for those people who want to take a deep, deep dive into their soul. In this program, I will guide you on your spiritual journey as well as help you shift beliefs that may be holding you back from living a life you dream of.

Sessions will be intuitively guided, however, the primary way of working with you in this program will be through your Akashic record.  I will use other spiritual helpers as needed such as animals, your higher self,  spirit guides or even your deceased family members.


This program is about healing old wounds and getting you back in touch with who you are at your core, before society told you who to be and how to behave. This program is a combination of coaching and spiritual mentorship which allows the sessions to take shape based on what you need at the time.  You must be committed and open to exploring whatever spirit thinks is relevant to your growth.

Program Details

Every person is different, as is what they need and what they are looking to get out of this work. This program is flexible and will be based on your individual needs:

  1. This is a 12 session program that can last from 6 to 12 months.

  2. Sessions can be held one time per month or two times per month 

  3. Email support is provided

  4. Payment plans are available (click "book now with payment plan" button) 

  5. To pay in full please head over to the Book Online page

A 30 minute discovery call will be held to determine if this program is a good fit for you. I want to make sure that we are energetically aligned, to allow for as much growth as possible. You can schedule your discovery call on the "Book Online" page.


I look forward to working with you, and to see all that you are capable of achieving!