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Soul Evolution Program Testimonials/ Mastery of the Soul

I did the 6 Soul Evolution sessions with Allison and while I wasn’t sure what to expect, the guidance and healing I received was by far one of the most unique experiences I’ve have ever had. Allison is warm, funny, kind and her expertise guides you into the unknown. Being open to receiving what your guides want to share with you is key. Allison always asks what you would like to know and cover in a session, but allowing the session to flow where it leads you is where you can learn the most eye opening and healing messages from your guides. I learned so much about myself and was able to connect with the two most important beautiful souls that have crossed over. I was able to reach out to Allison for any guidance needed in between sessions and that really helped to tweak things before they went off the rail. I found the sessions fascinating and very therapeutic. Allison amazed me with her knowledge, confidence and connection to my guides. So many things clicked for me in my final session and while I have a ways to go with healing, I also have a lot of tools to move me forward.

I would highly recommend Allison. You will be amazed as well as surprised to know how much your guides want to help you. You just have to be able to connect with them and for me; that was through Allison. She is one of those individuals that utilizes her gift to help people in the most profound ways. I always found a sense of security knowing that Allison was connecting with my guides to lead me where I would benefit the most at that time.

Thank you Allison!

-Pat D.

I highly recommend this program! I've LOVED my experience in the Soul Evolution program. It has helped me to connect dots across various aspects of my life to understand, heal and transform patterns, relationships, and challenges. This program will provide you with EPIC transformations and a whole new perspective on your life. Thank you Allison! 

-Laura L.

Like you can be neutral and unbiased about everything even though there was a better way for me to handle things.  Never once did you force me or make me feel like I was wrong even though I was doing things that you said were not of best interest for me.  You still heard me out and pinpointed parts where I was making up negative beliefs about myself inside of that situation, even if from the beginning it was better for me to move away from that situation.  


I was also surprised that the opening of the Akashic records wasn't like some big thing that I was going to feel or have bodily sensations of lol.  It was just like "Okay they're open".  I was also surprised by, of course, the images I got from my past lives and childhood, that they just came like I was thinking about something.  It is a lot more subtle than I thought it would be (although I didn't have any clear picture of how all of this was going to work either!).  I think I am most surprised by the growth I have gone through that you say I have gone through although I'm not sure I feel it 100% yet...I think that our 3D time makes things appear very slow but maybe in the spiritual realm, I had a big bang shift.  I feel like I am definitely ready for whatever is to come in the future. 

What I found most valuable and loved the most was mainly your feedback and our interactions.  The in-between times when I had difficulties facing something you were there and that really makes a difference.  I didn't feel like I was left alone to fend for myself.  The amount of time we allotted was also perfect.  I did not expect us to talk about money and I discovered it was valuable because it's something that I am so confronted by that I start feeling sleepy every time we talk about it.  So the sessions were spiritually based but also very "human" lol.  Humanly applicable, which makes sense.


I definitely liked that I could say anything and be heard completely.  You are very thorough in listening and responding to each of my concerns, some of which I had already forgotten about because I talk so much!  You either have an amazing memory or you take very good notes (or both)!!  I rarely got defensive during our sessions which for me means that I felt heard.  You are just able to go with me anywhere and still bring the sessions back to where I needed to be coached to move forward.  That is an invaluable skill - to be straight with me without making me feel like anything I said was wrong (or like where I was at that point in time was inappropriate or wrong).

I think that your sessions are valuable for all humans and I hope that they discover, are able to, and choose to work with you in this lifetime.  This is way better than just therapy or goal coaching sessions - we get to dig deep into our soul, like who doesn't want, need, or can benefit from that??  And you are just so beautiful and amazing to work with and having your kitten in the room was definitely a plus.  I will cherish you for life. 

-Sandy C.

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