Wild Icelandic Horses




Are you looking to connect with your pet on the other side? Are you unsure if it is time to help your animal pass?  Are you struggling with a behavioral issue? I can help you!


Animals are always working with us to help us live our best life. Some of their quirky or annoying behavior is actually a clue for you.  Learn what your animal companion wants you to know with a Soul Level Animal Communication Reading®!

Pet Urn


These sessions are really helpful if you are in the process of a transition and/or a difficult period in your life. Additionally, if you have questions about your health or if you are in need of direction or action steps, this is a great opportunity to connect with your all the spiritual help around you. There are endless possibilities with this type of reading!

During this 30 or 60 minute session, I will intuitively check in to see what the best source of information would be for you to receive. This could consist of your Akashic record, spirit guides and/or your higher self. I always ask that any information received is for your greatest & highest good. 

These sessions are all about clarity & empowerment!