We all come into this lifetime with lessons to learn. Prior to our incarnation into body we decide which limiting beliefs we are going to work on in this life. These limiting beliefs consists of feeling not good enough, not lovable, not deserving/worthy or not safe/supported/protected. As we move through this life we will interact with people who trigger these limiting beliefs. These people will consist of family, friends and others who we interact with. 

These limiting beliefs can cause us to repeat patterns such as always picking the wrong companion, perfectionism, over giving, over working etc. In an Intuitive Coaching session, we will connect with your spirit guides to find out which of the limiting beliefs you are struggling with and over the course of six sessions we will move through a process to help you shift the belief. Each session be 60 minutes and will be entirely directed by your spirit guides.  If your spirit guides feel that you need an additional session then you can purchase an add-on session.

Please note that you will be an active participant in this process and you will have homework after each session. Sessions will be scheduled a couple weeks apart to allow you time to process the information received from your guides.


Are things in your life falling apart? Are you overwhelmed, scared and indecisive? Your spirit guides are here to help. In this 60 minute session I will connect with your guide team to offer insight and advice on your current situation. This will help you to see all of the support that you have in your corner, and know that you are not alone but actually walking side by side with your spiritual team. Unlike an Intuitive Coaching session, this reading is solely to give you direction during difficult times.

A Spirit Guide reading is not intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please see your doctor to address any medical concerns.



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