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What negative beliefs do you need to shift?

What are negative/limiting beliefs? They are the lessons that we agreed to work on in this lifetime prior to our incarnation.

Negative beliefs consist of not good enough, not worthy/deserving, unlovable, not safe, supported or protected. Everyone on this planet is walking around with at least one of these negative beliefs. Yes, everyone really is fighting a battle that you can't see. Most people have more than one that they are working on. Each one is an opportunity to shift and evolve on your soul's journey.

In order to deal with these belief systems it is important to figure out how they appear to you in your day to day life. For example, if you are applying for a new career, are you feeling that there is no way that you will get this job because you don't deserve it or are not good enough? Do you find yourself people pleasing in order to feel loveable or deserving? Do you stop yourself from moving forward with a passion because you don't feel good enough? Do you stop yourself from doing things because you don't feel safe, support & protected? There are so many ways that these belief systems show up in our lives. Until you become aware of the fact that they exist and that it is simply a belief not actual truth, you are unable to shift them.

Now that you know that they exist, there are ways to begin to change your operating system, so to speak. Becoming aware of the thoughts that enter your mind is really the first step towards change. Seeing them and calling them out for what they are is helpful. Something along the lines of "I see you not good enough & I know that you are just a belief system and not truth" is a place to start. Additionally, figuring out where the negative belief started is also super helpful. When you realize that you are living your life based on a belief system that your 5 year old self created, you start to question things! Would you let a 5 year old make daily decisions in your life now, probably not!

I have found that Soul Level Intuitive Coaching is a great way to start unraveling these belief systems. Having gone through the process myself, I can say it is in fact life changing. Understanding how and why the negative belief came to be and understanding all the workarounds that you have created in order to feel ok in your life is fascinating. It is also proof that our younger selves are super creative! Workarounds can consist of overworking, people pleasing, being super organized, being completely unorganized and many, many more. If you want to begin making big shifts in your life and removing things that are holding you back then book a SLIC package. Let me & your spirit guides help you unpack your "stuff", so that you can have the life you have always wanted.

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