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Your vibration is super important to your Soul's evolution.

Most people are not paying attention to the level at which they vibrate and would be surprised to know that they actually vibrate very low. The reason for a low vibration is because they are caught up in the human issues they are dealing with and what they are ingesting such as food, drink, social media, and what they are reading or hearing.

Raising your vibration is not as complicated as people normally think. Some steps you can take are:

1) meditation- even 5 minutes a day will help!

2) not drinking alcohol frequently

3) limiting negative television shows, social media & news

4) learning about their own Soul

5) positive affirmations/mantras

Once you begin to make a vibrational shift, you will know it! Remember, like attracts like. What begins to happen is you no longer want to watch the news or have negativity on your social media. You begin to seek out things that are higher vibrational and those things are also seeking you. You start attracting a different crowd of people, those who are also on the same vibrational level as you, and the people who can no longer match your vibration begin to fall away.

You will also notice a feeling of calm even in situations that normally would have triggered you. You start to trust the universe and you start seeking even higher levels of spiritual knowledge. You find that you are seeking out peace instead of drama.

If this all sounds interesting and/or helpful to you, you can begin by getting to know your spiritual team such as your spirit guides, your higher self etc. I can help you make this connection if you wish!

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