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I am not f***ing good enough

There is a voice in the back of my head that is always telling me that I am not good enough. Do you have that voice too?

For me, this has effected nearly everything I have ever wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. For example, when I rode horses as a child and people wanted me to start competing in shows, my response was always " I am not good enough". Every job I applied for, I always doubted I would be hired, because I was not good enough. When I decided to start giving animal readings or mediumship readings many years ago, I only gave them to people I knew and it was never live and in person. I would do the connection, write down the information and then pass it along to the person. When my family pressed me to move forward with my dream of helping people with my psychic abilities, my response was always "I am not good enough".

In hindsight, I don't know what the measurement was in my head that would make me good enough for anything? I know the more I tried to push past that voice in my head, the louder it would become. It has taken me a lot of hard work over the years to be able to see it and call it out every time it rears its ugly head. Here is the thing about this voice, it will always be present! While I will continue to put in the work for the soul growth I need to achieve in this lifetime, I am under no illusion that it will completely go away.

In each lifetime that we have on this planet, it is up to us to grow and make the necessary changes to level up. The work is never easy, and it normally involves going to places in our past that make us uncomfortable. However, when you learn to see the "I am not good enough" for what it is, then you are able to shift your perspective. The limiting belief is simply something that you attached to as a child, when you didn't know better. I always like to remind myself, that I should not be living my life based on beliefs that a 5 year old made!

When I began going through the process of Soul Level Intuitive Coaching, I was able to find out when this limiting belief began and why it began. That information was so incredibly helpful for my healing. Knowing the "why" is key. Once you know that, you can begin looking at the events of your life with fresh new eyes. Having the support of my spirit guides throughout this process was amazing. They were able to bring forth information throughout the whole process that left me feeling empowered and supported. My spirit guides were also able to help me move through the process of changing some of my behaviors without the use of will power. Anyone who has ever tried to do something with will power knows that once you let your guard down, the issue comes right back.

It has now become my mission to help as many people as possible deal with their limiting beliefs, so they can step into their power. We are all unstoppable if we reach back into who we are at our core. Sometimes, in order to move forward, you need to go back first and heal some old wounds. Healing creates lasting change and leads to empowerment! If you are interested in Soul Level Intuitive Coaching but have questions about the process, send me an email at to schedule a FREE 30 minute Q&A session.

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