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How your pet helps your soul to evolve

All animal companions are working with their human for the evolution of that persons soul. I know, it sounds like a huge job!

It is a big job for our animal friends, but they don't see it that way. All the animals I have ever spoken with, have all told me how much they love working with their person. They consider it an honor to be of service to you and when it is time for them to cross the rainbow bridge, they view that as graduation and a job well done!

Lets start at the beginning....

Your animal companion is part of your soul family. They have assisted you in many lifetimes and will continue to assist you in future lifetimes. For this reason, they know you really, really well. They know what it will take to get your attention and how best to help you along on your souls path. Each person is here working on a negative/limiting belief(s). The belief systems consist of unlovable, not good enough, not safe/supported/protected and unworthy/undeserving. Each person is working on one or more of these belief systems and how they show up is different for everyone as are the work arounds we create to live with these belief systems.

You may be wondering how on earth does my pet help me with these?! They help you with their behavior (positive or negative), the emotions they bring up in you (anger, love, frustration etc.) and their death. For example, lets say that when you are in the presence of your animal companion, you heart opens up and pours forth love for this animal. You have never felt such love for any other living thing before and your animal gives you all that affection right back. Your animal, in this example, is helping you with the belief system of unlovable by showing you that you deserve their love & affection and also that it is safe for you to give love & affection to another living being. Does that make sense?

Lets do another example.... Lets say that your dog is a nightmare on walks. Your dog tries to attack anything & everything it sees and this really upsets you that your pet feels so unsafe in the world, that he needs to try to attack everything. In this example, the dog is not the problem. Your dog is showing you how you move through the world and that your negative belief system is not safe/supported/protected. In this example, the dog is a mirror to how you feel on the inside. Maybe you are not aggressive to other people your meet, but on the inside you live in a state of feeling unsafe all the time.

When we begin to look at how our pets make us feel or how they behave, we can begin to unlock the mystery of what they are working with us on. When we put the pieces together that can begin to shift the relationship that you have with your pet. For example, if you start to address your feelings of not safe/supported/protected, then your dog will no longer have to act out on every walk that you go on. Their behavior can shift & change as you process and shift the negative belief system. This means that there is hope for you and your relationship with your pet! Your relationship with your animal runs much deeper then what you think it does and you would be amazed at all the information that your animal companion wants to share with you! If you want to get more information on what your pet is helping you to evolve, then schedule a reading and lets expand & grow your relationship.

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