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How does your pet find you?

This is a question that I get asked quite frequently, so let me tell you what the animals have told me...

Our pets are part of our soul family which means that they have an energetic connection to our souls which acts like a beacon, enabling them to find us when the time is right. When it is time for a new pet to enter your life, it is important to know that the animals on the other side are pulling the puppet strings to get that animal to you. The animal that you need may come from another country or another state. Their journey may be long and difficult and it may even take months or years for them to get to you!

The animals have showed me over and over again that they are fully in control of how and when (divine timing) they get to you. There are no coincidences and no accidents. As humans, we like to think that we are in control of the circumstances in which an animal enters our life, but we are not. You get the animal you need, not necessarily the one you want. Since animals are working with us to help us master unconditional love, they may come in the form of an animal with bad behaviors, illnesses, or the ones that make your heart burst open with love for them and where they can do no wrong.

The animals know what you need as you evolve and that your needs change over time. When an animal passes away, you can trust that they are working on passing the baton to a new animal to continue your growth. Some stories of how a person found a pet are beyond magical and other times not so much. However, if you pay attention, and look at all the circumstances that led you to have a particular pet, you can see how the process was divinely directed the whole time. Maybe another person was supposed to adopt the dog you wanted but it fell through, maybe you applied for multiple animals and were only approved for one, maybe you found yourself in a place you didn't plan to be on particular day and then bam you now have a new animal companion!

When we shift our perspective and we allow ourselves to see the magic all around us, it then becomes easy to see the magic in how an animal companion appeared for you!

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