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Happiness is an inside job!

Most of us believe that happiness is something that happens to us and not something that we create. The reason we believe this is due to social conditioning. We are conditioned to believe that what will make us happy is a new car, a new job, a new house and so on and so forth. For example: "Look at Janet on Facebook, her life is perfect"! Mean while, what you don't see is that Janet may not be happy at all. She may be in a loveless marriage or in debt up to her eyeballs!

The truth is, we all choose whether to be happy or to be miserable. It is a choice we make every time we roll out of bed and our feet hit the floor. While the choice to maintain a positive attitude is not always easy since we are here, having a human experience. However, the only thing that we can control in life is our attitude and our reaction to things. Of course, we will all experience anger, grief, shame, sadness and guilt, but we have the ability to decide how we will deal with those emotions. Are we going to express them or stuff them down? Anger, grief, shame and sadness are simply energy. Energy likes to move! It is best to express them, even if we don't express them to the person that caused them. We can pretend the person is in front of us and yell at that person when we are home alone and then we are at least getting the emotions up and out. Spirit Guides always like to give me an image of a cat puking up a hairball when I am working with someone who needs to release some feelings. Getting those feelings up and out is crucial for our own healing.

Additionally, when we allow other people to effect our own energy field, we are actually giving away our power. People always seem to forget how powerful they actually are! That is because as a society we are taught that power is bad and that we should always be helping other people. Helping people is great, if you are not actually hurting yourself in the process. Some examples of this are people pleasing (aka being a doormat), always going above and beyond at work, being a martyr and taking care of everyone else before yourself, being there for everyone else, but not asking for help when you need it. All of this takes away from your own joy and freedom and drains your battery.

The other thing about happiness is that you need to make it a habit. Yup, you heard me right. Whenever we want to incorporate change into our life, the first few weeks are the hardest. You have to make a commitment to yourself to improve your mind set for the betterment of your life. My point is, that change is hard in the beginning, but once you commit to it, it becomes a habit and and then becomes second nature. You cannot create change without action! In the case of happiness, after several weeks you will be able to tell if someone's energy knocks you out of your happiness alignment.

Another way to create more happiness in your life is to connect with the support system that you have. You are supported by Spirit Guides, animals, deceased love ones, angels, archangels, the Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones of the Akashic Records & many more spiritual beings. They are all waiting to help you in any way they can. That may be via advice, action steps you can take or just supportive words. Don't forget that they are there, waiting for you to connect with them!

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