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As an animal communicator.....

I get to connect with your animal companions whether they are alive or deceased. I love being the bridge to connect the knowledge that animals have with their humans!

Our animal companions have knowledge not only of what your Soul lessons are in this lifetime, but also the lifetimes they have spent with you before this one! One of my favorite things to do is an Akashic record session with the human & their animal companion. I open the records for both & we get to explore past lives & how the animal was assisting the person at that time time.

Animals will always bring up some really interesting topics. It can be the lessons that the person is working on, the person's dating life or lack there of, health concerns for either & much, much more. Animals have a very unique view point of our lives & hearing it allows us to start to see things like they do. We can see what is holding us back from living the life we want & can help uncover action steps that we can take.

When an animal is in spirit, they offer closure & help with the grieving process. They can tell things about their passing from their perspective which is normally very helpful for the pet parent to hear. They can also provide input about future animal companions they are sending, how to heal & move forward & how their love continues on.

Many people worry that the animal will say something bad or spill a secret. I have never had that occur. Animals always speak from a place of unconditional love, infuse humor & always let the pet parent know about the bond & the love that exists between them.

Animal sessions a very beneficial, not just for the human but for the animal as well. There is so much information that they wish to share to help you on your journey & an animal communication session is their opportunity to express all that they know.

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