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Death, Dying & Beyond, Part 7

Almost every reading that I do in regards to a deceased pet always includes the question of signs. The human always wants to know when they will see their pet, feel their pet or what signs the pet is sending. The commonality of this question is around proof of the continuity of life.

In all my communication with deceased animals, they are always working on sending signs to their human(s). Some are working on being seen, some are working on making their spirit body dense enough to be felt and some are sending songs or other animals, like cardinals for example. These are the most common ways that animals try to get their persons attention.

Deceased family members & friends also send signs in the same ways as animals. Both deceased humans & animals always tell me that they love it when their loved one continues to speak to them! They love feeling like they are still included in what is going on with the ones they love. Take this as a reminder to always speak to your loved ones or deceased animals.

One of the most important aspects of receiving a sign from your pet or loved one is that you are in a state of allowing. For most people, when they are grieving, they are not in a state of allowing. Most people are so desperate to get a sign that it actually creates resistance. The resistance slows down and prevents you from receiving signs from your pet or loved one. However, all deceased animals & people have told me that as the person moves through the grief process they are able to receive the signs that they are sending.

You may be wondering how to get into that state of allowing. They are a couple different ways to accomplish this. One of the easiest ways for those on the other side to get through to you is when you are sleeping. This is because your conscious mind is out of the way, which allows them to get through and do a visitation. When you are making the drive to a familiar place and you realize you were on auto pilot the whole time. Doing dishes or cleaning your house are other examples of doing things on auto pilot where you easily drift off into space and your conscious mind moves out of the way. Once you have gone through the heaviest part of the grieving process and you are no longer in that space of needing a sign, they easily begin coming through. It is important to remember that if you see/hear/feel something and immediately your pet or loved one pops into your head, then you have received a sign. It is important not to doubt the experience because your pets & loved ones really, really, really want you to know that they are ok and fully aware of what is going on with you. Allow yourself to fully trust the experience!

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