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Death, Dying & Beyond, Part 5

Most people book sessions with me to connect with a deceased pet. One of the most common questions I am asked is whether or not they will see their departed pet again. The short answer is yes, but it may not be in the way you hope it will be.

What the animals have conveyed to me is that you will absolutely see them again when it is your time to leave the physical plane. In fact, they will greet you as you transition out of this life. However, most people are hoping that their beloved companion will reincarnate in this lifetime. In my experience, that does not happen. What happens is this...

Once your beloved companion crosses the rainbow bridge and returns to their full spirit body, they are still very much involved in your life. While you may want them to return to you during your time here in the physical, what they normally do instead, is send you a new animal companion. This animal will be one that they have personally chosen for you to continue the work you were doing with them. Passing the baton, so to speak. The new pet that comes into your life may have very similar mannerisms as the one in spirit and that is because some training goes on ahead of their arrival to you. At this point, you may be wondering what on earth I am talking about! What the animals have told me is that they let the new animal know what will get your attention, what to do to melt you heart, what to do to remind you of the pet in spirit and a whole host of other information that will come in handy for the new pet. This is why so many people think their deceased pet has reincarnated! Some of the same behaviors are happening and in our human mind there was no way the new animal could know those behaviors unless they are the deceased animal! What us humans don't consider is how serious animals are in working with us, and the lengths they will go to get a point across.

Lets say that your old pet was working with you on anxiety. The way they were working with you was by mirroring back your own behavior. Now, the new pet comes along and starts mirroring back your behavior in the same way the deceased pet did. This is all because your deceased pet's soul and the new pet's soul got together and had a meeting about how to continue the work with you, what needs to be done and how to get you to pick the new animal out of all the other available animals out there. So, lets say that when you chose the animal who is now deceased, you did so because they licked your face the first time they met you and that melted your heart. Now, your deceased pet has spilled the beans and told the new pet to lick your face the first time you meet them, so that you will pick them. The plan is now set into action and you of course you will fall for the bait!! At the first meeting when the new dog licks your face, your heart melts, and of course you start thinking that it must be your deceased pet reincarnated! You take the new pet home (thinking its the old one) and you start noticing all the similar behaviors and you fall even more in love and all the while it is the new pet's soul here to continue the work you started with the deceased pet. Complicated, I know!

Additionally, your deceased pet may send you an animal that you never would have chosen. Life is not all roses and instant love after all. Maybe your deceased pet was an angel and this new pet is the worst behaved pet you have ever seen. Guess what!?! Your deceased pet knew that you needed a different kind of help. Maybe mirroring back your behavior was not going to be enough and they now have to up the ante.

The important point of this information is that your beloved deceased pet is still working with you while in spirit, and has sent you a new animal to continue working with you in the physical. Think of all the help you are now receiving! Also, trust in the fact that you will fall in love with the new animal even though it is not the one that you wish it was. Our animals move on to the other side when their work with you in the physical is complete. They view this as graduation! They have completed the task they came here to do and they are aware that they need to shift energetic states to continue your progress. Trust that they always have your greatest and highest good in mind and trust that the next pet they send you is the one you need. Maybe not the one you want, but definitely the one you need!

Coming next month: Leaving behind the guilt baggage around your pet's passing

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