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Death, Dying & Beyond, Part 4

You may be wondering what happens to your pet once they have passed away. The animals have explained it to me in this way...

After the soul has left the body, they are greeted in heaven by other members of your soul family which consists of people and other animals. There is no need to worry that they didn't get there or that their death was so traumatic that you fear they are stuck. I can assure you that they all make it there quickly and easily.

The next thing that happens is that the part of the soul that was here in the physical reconnects with the other part of the soul that is always in heaven. These two pieces converge and there is a period of adjustment wherein the animal gets used to being fully a light body again. Once the animal has adjusted to being a light body, they then can do all kinds of cool things. They can be in 2 places at once for example. A lot of animals tell me that part of them spends time with their owner while another part of them is playing in heaven with all the other animals and people. You see, your pet is always with you, helping you, supporting you and loving you all while being in heaven. They are simply in a different energetic state.

Because they are in a different energetic state, they need sometime to get reacquainted with various skills like making noises here in the physical realm, making themselves denser so that you can feel them next to you and/or by sending you various signs like songs, insects, birds etc. It is just as important to them that you know they are still around, as it is for you to know that they are with you. Remember that and have patience as your best friend needs some time to remaster these skills.

Most people who are heavily in the grieving process will be unable to notice their pet around them. This is because when you desperately need something, you are inadvertently pushing it away. The key to receiving signs and/or seeing/feeling your pet is to be in a state of allowing. To get into this state you normally need to be doing some mundane task where your brain waves actually shift like when you are sleeping, doing dishes and things like that. At that time you are in a state of not actively looking for signs from your pet. When you are in a state of allowing it helps your pet get through to you!

You pet wants you to know that they are safe and secure in heaven. They are spending time with all of your other loved ones. There is no pain, sadness or loneliness in heaven. If they had physical pain here on this level, you can rest assured they are no longer in pain. They can run, play and be fully free, as the light body does not have any restrictions likes our physical bodies do.

Next month: Will I see my pet again?

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