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Death, Dying and Beyond, Part 2

As humans we are forgetful. We forget shortly after incarnating into body that for example, we came here with lessons to learn. We forget that we actually chose our family! We forgot all the knowledge from our previous incarnations, our patterns of illness and even the members of our soul family. We forget how truly powerful we are and we forget that we are part of source energy.

Unlike animals, we have made arrangements to forget this information. You see, if we remembered all of it, then how could we possible learn the lessons that we came here to learn. This is why us humans are so wrapped around the axle about death. We think that it is the end all be all of everything! Some have faith that there is more to life than this while others believe that we go into a hole in the ground and that is it. However, since everything is energy, including us, there is most certainly more to life and death.

From what spirit has communicated to me, we are of course reunited with our loved ones (including our pets!) and then we need to have a period of reintegration. We take a little time to remember what it is like to be all spirit without a physical body. Where every wish is simply a thought away. How cool is that?!? Then we get to have a life review to see if or how we evolved. Were we kind and compassionate or mean and judgmental. What could we do differently in our next incarnation?

I have never communicated with a spirit who was still mean, angry and judgmental. Any spirit who have I have communicated with always express regrets, forgiveness, love, compassion and wisdom. There is no pettiness or small mindedness on the other side. Just love and light. We can all learn from those in spirit! We can learn how to be kind, graceful and full of life. While our time on earth in this particular body is limited, we will always be connected to those that are part of our soul family. So, if you are particularly attached to your Aunt Sue, then no worries, you will be together again!

The next thing you should know is that spirit always wants you to find joy again. They never want you to sit alone in your house sobbing uncontrollably and thinking only of them. They want you to find joy and bask in it. They want you to think of them and smile. They want you to fully embrace the time you have left here on earth including enjoying holidays and birthdays.

The one tidbit that comes up the most with spirit is to fully embrace living. If we stopped worrying so much about physical death (FYI-you can't escape it!) then our lives would be that much fuller. Think for a moment about all the ways you hold yourself back from fully living... do you work a job you hate? Are you always over-committing to things you don't even want to do in the first place? Are you always people pleasing? just to name a few!

In the words of a dog I just communicated with.... Live like someone left the gate open!

Coming up next month: all about they dying process.

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