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Baggage/cookies, Part II

In the first installment, we discussed how you pick up energy from people, places & things. In this installment we will discuss ways in which you can clean & clear your energy field, so that way you are moving through the world with a nice sparkly energy field!

Once of the easiest ways to clean your field is with a selenite crystal. I love selenite! It is easy to use and it comes in a variety of sizes & shapes. Ways to use selenite include:

1) You can get a small piece to carry around on your person as you go to work or to the store. 2) You can wave a selenite stick up and down and all around your body to help clear your field.

3) You can use multiple selenite sticks on the floor to create a star pattern and stand/sit/lay in the center of the star.

4) If you don't have a physical selenite crystal, you can energetically call it in to help clean & clear your field.

When it comes to cleaning the energy of your person or the energy of your home, you can smudge! Ways to smudge include:

1) smudging sticks

2) smudging sprays

3) smudging candles

Another way to clean & clear your field is every time you wash your hands and/or shower, imagine anything that does not belong to you is going down the drain. You can state while doing this that you are clean & clear and releasing anything that doesn't belong to you.

It is important that you incorporate cleaning your energy field into a daily practice. By doing so, you will notice a difference in how you felt before clearing and how you feel after. There is a lightness that you will notice. No one wants to be carrying around other peoples baggage.

Make sure that with any of the above referenced, that as you are using the technique that you are setting the intention that you are clean & clear & releasing anything that does not belong to your or that you environment is clean & clear. Intentions are super powerful, so don't forget this part!

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