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Baggage/Cookies, Part I

Do you know that you collect bits & pieces of energy from everything & everyone you come in contact with? Computers pick up cookies from every website that you visit and you pick up bits of energy from people, places & things.

When we unknowingly allow other peoples energy into our energy field, we can begin to feel sluggish and/or sick. If you are an empath (someone who easily feels the energy/emotions of others) then this is extra dicey for you!

It is important to remember that your diet consists not only of what you eat but what you think & feel, along with what you consume via social media, television & books. Not to mention, all the living people you interact with on a daily basis. As you can see, this is a lot of energy from a variety of sources and this is why it is so important to start taking care of your own energy field!

Every human is responsible for their own energy field and what they put into it. You cannot expect someone around you to change their behavior to help your energy field. You and you alone, are responsible for the cleanliness of this field.

Let me give you an example of how other people's energy gets into your field. Imagine you are walking through a crowded grocery store, the aisles are not that wide and your aura (energy field around your body) is bumping into another person's aura. (The average aura sticks out from your body about 1 foot in all directions) Now that your aura has bumped into their aura, you can now easily pick up on their feelings that day. Maybe they are happy or maybe they are really pissed off. Now you find yourself being pissed off and you have no idea why! If you know about energy then you can easily clean & clear your aura and move on. If you don't know about energy, then you essentially have picked up a "cookie" from that other person and now you spend the rest of your day being angry. Has this ever happened to you?

Social media is really no different then the grocery store example. If you have negativity/hate on your social media, then this is what is in your diet. I highly recommend that you block anyone who is spreading hate/anger/frustration as it is just as easy for it to enter your energy field this way, as it is by your aura bumping into someone else's aura. Most people are surprised that there is no difference between physically being with someone vs. the internet.

Coming up in next installment: ways to clean your energy field!

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