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Are you a stuffer?

This is a great question to ask yourself. Are you processing your emotions or simply pushing them down and go about with your life?

When we don't process our emotions, whether it be grief, anger, hurt, resentment etc., we allow those emotions to create dense areas within the body. This leads to physical issues that can present in any number of ways. It could appear as an autoimmune illness, physical aches & pains and/or problems with particular organs. This is no laughing matter. All of the feelings you suppress have the ability to reek havoc on your physical & energetic bodies.

When I look at someone's body during a session, I can see where the energy is stored whether in a chakra, the auric field or inside the physical body. It is important that emotions get processed, so that they can be released and allow the body to reset it's self to a more neutral state. In last month's blog, I spoke about the power of forgiveness with regards to helping to release old, outdated energy. Forgiveness is an important part of helping to release the old emotions.

There are additional steps that you can take to help clear these emotions that are no longer serving you. First, think about any events in your life that had a big emotional charge to them such as the loss of a loved one (human or animal), illness, family drama or anything else that was painful. Ask yourself if you feel like you have fully processed whatever the situation was. If you are unsure, write out the emotions that come up when you think about the situation. By writing out the emotions, you are helping to get them up & out of your physical body. From there you can safely burn the piece of paper or shred it to help you "get rid" of the emotions.

Another option is to have a conversation with members of your spiritual team for guidance as to what way will work best for you to process & release the emotions. At the end of the day, you want to feel good across all of your bodies and your spiritual team can help with that. It is not always necessary to fully revisit the situation. You can process emotions with out having to relive it!

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