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Reconnect to the magnificence of your Soul with the help of your animal companions & spiritual support team. 


Coaching programs that help you understand yourself on a deeper level & I help you tap into the magic that is inside of you!
Single Sessions to help you connect with all the spiritual support you have from your spiritual team & your amazing animal companions whether in spirit or still living.


Go on a journey with your animal companion to past lives you have shared together, gain a deeper understanding of your animal & much more!


I help you connect with your animal companions whether they are living or deceased & I show you how they are helping you to evolve!

Pet Urn


Get your questions answered with intuitive guidance or with the help of your spirit guides and/or your higher self!


Get action steps, direction, clarity & more with the help of the Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones of the Akash!


Gain a deeper understanding of yourself & your negative belief systems that are at play.

What people are saying...

My session with Allison was nothing short of incredible. Her ability to connect to my 16-year-old dog Max from the other side gave my broken heart the comfort it desperately needed.

-Soul Level Animal Communication Client®

I've LOVED my experience in the Soul Evolution program. It has helped me to connect dots across various aspects of my life to understand, heal and transform patterns, relationships, and challenges. This program will provide you with EPIC transformations and a whole new perspective on your life.

-Soul Evolution Program Client

I am extremely grateful for the time she spent and for telling me like it is as I asked her to. She is quite thorough and damn good at what she does. If you need deep healing around trauma, feeling unloved, or just feeling lost.. she is the one for you! Thanks again, Allison! 

-Akashic Record Client


I have been using my psychic abilities and intuition for as long as I can remember. I would always know things before they happened and if I ever needed to make a big decision I would listen/feel how my body  responded, so that I knew if I was making the right choice. However, It never occurred to me that I was also psychically connecting with the animals in my life.


There was the time back in the 1990's when I just knew that my Great Dane, Jake, was in trouble. I could not tell you how I knew, but I knew. I left work as fast as I could and sure enough, Jake was in big trouble. He had developed bloat while I was at work and luckily I got home in time to get him to the emergency veterinarian. I did not make the connection then or any of the times before and after that event that I was getting the information from the animals. I always seemed to know what they needed, how they needed it and when it was time to help them cross the rainbow bridge. I knew it was psychic information, but I just didn't connect the dots.

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