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Gradient Ocean

Reconnect to the magnificence of your Soul with the help of your animal companions & spiritual support team. 


 1:1 Transformational Coaching Programs that help you understand yourself on a deeper level, so that you tap into the magic that is inside of you. Elevate your consciousness & transform your life!

 Group Coaching Programs that help you connect with like minded people & harness new levels of growth!

 Single Sessions to help you connect with all the spiritual support you have from your spiritual team through your animal companions,  Akashic Records, energy work, spirit guides & more. 


What people are saying...

My session with Allison was nothing short of incredible. Her ability to connect to my 16-year-old dog Max from the other side gave my broken heart the comfort it desperately needed.

-Soul Level Animal Communication Client®

I've LOVED my experience in the Soul Evolution program. It has helped me to connect dots across various aspects of my life to understand, heal and transform patterns, relationships, and challenges. This program will provide you with EPIC transformations and a whole new perspective on your life.

-Soul Evolution Program Client

I am extremely grateful for the time she spent and for telling me like it is as I asked her to. She is quite thorough and damn good at what she does. If you need deep healing around trauma, feeling unloved, or just feeling lost.. she is the one for you! Thanks again, Allison! 

-Akashic Record Client


Hi, I'm Allison, and as someone who struggled for a long time to find her place in the world, I understand how hard it can be. You see, I have always been the "weird" friend, co-worker or neighbor. The once who talks about Deja vu, psychic abilities & past lives. 

I have always been into what has long been considered, woo woo. I have been using my intuition & psychic abilities my whole life. Always capable of giving the best advice to others & really trusting my own gut when I make a decision. I was the kid in school who knew things before they happened & had an unusually strong bond with my animals companions to the outside observer. Of course, that observer was unaware, that I was in fact having long conversations with animals & hearing their perspectives. Then of course, just to make me "weirder", I was also having conversations with deceased loved ones & deceased people I didn't even know.

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Gradient Ocean
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