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Passionate About Helping Others

I have been using my psychic abilities and intuition for as long as I can remember. I would always know things before they happened and if I ever needed to make a big decision I would listen/feel how my body  responded, so that I knew if I was making the right choice. However, It never occurred to me that I was also psychically connecting with the animals in my life. There was the time back in the 1990's when I just knew that my Great Dane, Jake, was in trouble. I could not tell you how I knew, but I knew. I left work as fast as I could and sure enough, Jake was in big trouble. He had developed bloat while I was at work and luckily I got home in time to get him to the emergency veterinarian. I did not make the connection then or any of the times before and after that event that I was getting the information from the animals. I always seemed to know what they needed, how they needed it and when it was time to help them cross the rainbow bridge. I knew it was psychic information, but I just didn't connect the dots.


I have been talking with deceased loved ones ever since I was a child. I also was very connected to my past lives when I was very young. I always knew there was more to life then just this. Several years ago I found a book from when I was a child where I wrote about being good at talking to animals. Clearly, I was much more connected to my spiritual gifts when I was younger.

My beloved dog, Faith, passed away in November 2015 and it changed everything for me. Faith sent me signs regularly after her passing such as sending me a limping deer (Faith had a limp) who met up with me on multiple occasions to include within hours of her death. It brought me comfort to know that she is always with me, even after crossing that rainbow bridge. I sought out a professional animal communicator to receive a reading for myself in January 2016. During this session, I had a huge revelation! All the times I knew what my pets needed or that they were in trouble was because I was accurately receiving the messages they were sending me! It was quite the epiphany! This became the beginning of my journey to become a professional animal communicator and I have not looked back since.

At first, I began doing animal communication readings just for my friends and family, as I was really insecure about coming out of the spiritual closet. I never could have imagined myself giving live readings for people I didn’t know. I also never imagined that the readings could go so much deeper than just the physical here and now. However, when I discovered Soul Level Animal Communication®, I was hooked! Knowing our animal companions are helping us on such a deep level, and witnessing the amazing transformations that have happened to people receiving SLAC readings, have kept me going on this path. There is nothing I love more than helping people explore the bond they have with their animal companion on a deeper level than they ever imagined possible. I am grateful for all the animals that come into my life. Each one of them continues to help me grow, personally and professionally, evolving on this journey of self discovery, and expanding the ways I can assist others in their soul’s journey.

My own spiritual journey continued and when I began working with Spirit Guides it opened up a whole new aspect of soul growth. I had been connecting with my own guides for many years, but never realized that I could help people connect with their guides. The Guides have more information than we could ever imagine and they truly only want the very best for us. Being able to offer Soul Level Intuitive Coaching® & intuitive guidance sessions  is amazing! I love getting to be a cheerleader for my clients. To see someone really get in touch with who they are at a soul level is breathtaking.

I have found through working with the Akashic Records that you can take healing and transformation to a whole new level. The records let us dive deep into your Soul's past and then into the future with endless possibilities. I can't wait for my clients to experience this whole new level of possibilities!

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