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Passionate About Helping Others

Hi, I'm Allison, and as someone who struggled for a long time to find her place in the world, I understand how hard it can be. You see, I have always been the "weird" friend, co-worker or neighbor. The once who talks about Deja vu, psychic abilities & past lives. 

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I have always been into what has long been considered, woo woo. I have been using my intuition & psychic abilities my whole life. Always capable of giving the best advice to others & really trusting my own gut when I make a decision. I was the kid in school who knew things before they happened & had an unusually strong bond with my animals companions to the outside observer. Of course, that observer was unaware, that I was in fact having long conversations with animals & hearing their perspectives.

Now, I use the woo woo in me to help others, which has always been what I enjoy the most! I love being a cheerleader for my clients & helping them have big life changing "a ha" moments. I love getting to watch people get out of their own way, let spirit in & follow their soul's journey unapologetically.


You see, there is more to life then working that 9-5 job! There is magic all around if you just take the time look, become self aware & heal what is no longer serving you. We all carry around out dated belief systems that were exactly what we needed at one point in lives, but that are no longer necessary.  Helping people transform, become empowered, find clarity  & move forward in a whole new way, are just some of the ways that my work helps others, all while making the journey enjoyable & full of humor!

If you are looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself & want to know who you were before the world told you who to be, then I would love to work with you!

I am a Soul Level Animal Communicator®, Soul Level Intuitive Coach®, Medium, Akashic Record Practitioner & healer, energy worker & Quantum Human Design Specialist tm

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