I contacted Allison to help me with my outdoor cat who had gone missing. I was distraught. Allison instantly started describing my apartment complex with amazing detail and quickly confirmed that he was alive, safe and had not really gone anywhere!  Within about 15 minutes of starting the session, he actually appeared at the side of the house and looked up at me as if to say "what's the big deal, mom?" 

At the surface level, you'd think that we ended the session there. He was found! But what was underneath, what I really needed to learn, was how my cat and his antics are here to help me learn and grow. Some of my deepest insecurities were being triggered by his disappearance and his inconsistent visits. He has given me an opportunity to practice changing these beliefs. I have since made big adjustments in my mindset in general, not just around my cat. I have gained an immense sense of peace about our relationship. We are bonding now more than ever.  I am still learning, and so grateful to have this cat and Allison to teach me. Thank you Allison! 

-Laura L., Honduras

Allison is truly gifted. She gave us some comfort and peace when we unexpectedly lost our furbaby. She was so detailed and was able to communicate with our Elsie May. Allison is a blessing, if you have any questions or doubt, please reach out to her, she is an angel on Earth"

-Crystal D., CO 

Allison truly has the gift of connecting with animals; whether they are in spirit or on earth. I have had multiple sessions with her for different dogs and each time, I am amazed with how quickly she connects with an animal; even the first time around. 

She takes the time to understand the energy of the humans and the animals  and then does the needful. She won't hurry you along just because the session has come to an end. 

I had to once contact Allison on her day off (Sunday morning) due to an emergency situation with a puppy. She responded very quickly and even gave me the time for a session soon after communicating with me. She was available for me for the next two days and went way beyond the usual to help me find my missing pup. She also comes up with creative solutions during the sessions (like connecting with her guides) or trying different approaches to seek out relevant information. She also respects the animals and never pressures them to reveal something they are not ready to reveal. 

She responds quickly to all correspondence. She is friendly and trustworthy. I wish I had found her sooner. I also believe my kid (a beautiful Great Dane) in spirit led me to Allison, when I wanted to communicate with her. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Allison for animal communication sessions. 

- Rakhee M., India

I wanted to thank you for the reading.  You hit on so many key characteristics of Marley and how much he touched my heart. You added clarity and peace of mind for me during this healing process.

-Michelle F.

Allison you have no idea the peace and comfort you gave to me that day. Your are an amazingly gifted and blessed woman who I am forever great full to for connecting me to my Sammy. The things you told me about her there was no way you would have known unless you were truly connected to her. You are a amazing blessing to me during this unbelievably difficult and heart wrenching time. I truly and wholeheartedly believe in you and your abilities and I would tell anyone out there who is grief stricken to the point I was of not being able to sleep or function to definitely connect with you and you will help them to find some peace in knowing how much there animal loved them and still does and is with them every day and they are happy and at peace. I will be contacting you in the future for more readings. God Bless you Allison!

-Tara J.

I participated in an Animal Communication session with Allison two days after my baby boy unexpectedly and traumatically passed. Allison was not only able to tune into my energy but she was able to connect with Mogley almost immediately. Mogley came through and had quite a bit he wanted to say to me. Although the loss is very fresh and still very painful, I found so much comfort in what Allison was able to tell me. I found overall, the session was very healing. I believe Mogley told me exactly what my soul needed to hear. I definitely recommend Allison to anyone who is struggling with the loss of their beloved fur baby.”

- Ariel D., Canada

Deep Thanks for being there for me and my Samantha girl. Difficult to express how valued your guidance and love has been through these last few months.  Our first reading assured me of many things on such deep levels that I always knew but were never expressed in such a unique way that only my Sammy girl could.  She's quite the comedian our Samantha LOL LOLO !! 

Our second reading was even more valuable as my angel in my life was able to convey to me that she was ready to transition into Gods loving arms and I know this to be true as she was without fear or struggle at the moment of her uplifting ! She was ready and I was too.  Thanks to you Allison, I was even more ready than I ever could have been without your guidance and insights and communication.  I see Sammy girl now running, bursting, blinding speed flying !! through the clouds all around free of the painful confines of her deteriorating little body. 

She's your girl too, always. I now feel comforted knowing she's at peace and if not for you, she may not have been able to remind me of the impermanence of our fragile existence.  What a journey we have had and meeting you in her final stages was one of the best parts!!! I fully whole heartedly whole soul recommend Allison to anyone who just wants check in with their furry love ones maybe chat or share some deep insightful blissful joys. Our Pets know us better than we know ourselves, Allison and my Samantha have reminded me how Great I am !! I might just actually start Believing it !! ;) ;)

Peace and Blessings forever 

-Joseph W.

Thank you so much for this opportunity to connect with us, it was mind blowing and exactly what I was looking for, a soul to soul conversation with my beloved baby. While Allison used the most beautiful words and sentences to bring it all to life. On top of that, her compassion and empathy was very comforting to me. I wish there was more time and that the conversation never ends.

-Teresa L.

Allison has a natural ability to connect with animals and understand the lessons they are trying to teach us. She's honest, often humorous and genuine in her readings. She has helped me understand my relationship with my pets and inspired me to learn through them.

-Geralyn V., MA

I did not know what to expect as I had never been to a psychic reader before.  What could she possible tell me over the phone about me and our Sami? Well, from the start, she picked up on my unspoken concerns about life and work that I had not vocalized to anyone! That was surprising and spot on. Next, when it was our Sami’s turn, she told me about our relationship and bonding.  Overall, I found the experience to be positive, surprising, and enlightening. Well worth my time. Thank you!

-Ann C., NY

I recently had a reading done with Allison because of some issues I was having with a foster rabbit. What a great experience! Right from the start, Allison was able to accurately 'tune in' to my personality as well as my foster bunny's. I was quite surprised at how willing Nut Bunny was to talk although I wasn't real surprised by what he said. Deep down most of us know there is something we need to do for ourselves; we just don't do it. That is where our animals step in. They have such a unique way of guiding us and even though I already knew what he was saying to me was true, it was something I needed to hear again. And again. This little bunny is serious about getting his message across! - I thoroughly enjoyed my reading with Allison and would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to understand their fur kids better.

-Kim D., CA

I recently had a reading with Allison which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I loved seeing my dogs personality and how it matches her character. I was surprised to find out what a funny little girl I have!

Thank you for an awesome experience!

-Sherry W., NY


The reading was inspirational and I learned so much!  I was surprised to see how perceptive my cat Louise is.  She is actually a role model airing confidence as she struts around the house.  Her message to me was a valuable life lesson and my eyes are now opened to all that my cat has to teach me thanks to Allison.

-Madeline M., NY


I had a reading today with Allison who tapped into my dog Mia’s energy. Mia passed in August, 2018. I have been heartbroken and really feel like Allison validated that Mia is still around me and is happy on the other side. I could feel by what she was saying that she was reading my Mia and the soul lessons she passed on from Mia were exactly what I’ve been working on in my life. Thanks to Allison I feel like I can still connect with my little Mia and know she’s happy where she is! 

Ann-Marie F., NY

I really enjoyed the reading you did with Beau! It makes me feel even more bonded with him now.

I was surprised at how well you knew my dog and myself without ever meeting us before. You knew his exact weight, about his silky fur, and his expressive ears. He’s a husky so his fur is soft and his ears are always very alert. Beau’s soul lesson for me was very interesting and I loved learning more about the connection we share. Very much looking forward to signing up my other dog for a reading! You are amazing!

Thanks again,

-Kasey W., NY

This is the second booking with Allison.  I was so impressed with the first reading a few months ago, that I booked again. The reading was extremely accurate and informative.  My little dog communicated clearly through Allison and I feel much closer to him since he told me what he needs and wants.  Allison is a truly gifted, talented communicator.   I recommend her highly, and will be booking another appointment within the next few months.

-Ann F., NY

I was amazed at how accurate this soul level reading with my beloved cat Sandie was.  Her personality came came through, and it was so healing to have answers about her passing.  It is profoundly valuable to me to know the soul purpose of our our connection, and this information feels so right.  Just to realize that sweet Sandie  was not only a much loved companion but a helper on a deeper soul level fills me with wonder and gratitude!  Thank you Allison for this reading.  You did a wonderful job!

-Judy C.

I recently had a reading with Allison, it amaze me to know that my cat Macho that transition on may 8, 2020 will always be connected and around me always.  Looking forward to another reading soon.  Thank you so much Allison.

-Susana Velez,  IL

This was the first time I wanted - actually needed - to connect with a deceased pet.  When Allison connected with my Rocky, she described his personality perfectly and as always he made me laugh. I didn't really expect to have fun! He had a wonderful message for me, and I feel so much peace. I know he is with me, and now when I think of him, I have a joyful feeling instead of a heavy heart.  I am very thankful for this wonderful experience, and I am so very happy that I chose Allison - she is the best! 

-Diana D.

After having gone through Soul Level Coaching with Allison I have had some very big shifts in how I feel about myself. I now understand how strong and capable I am after being able to heal from some trauma that I suffered. This  enables me to move through the world with a sense of calm that I never had before.  Additionally,  I was also able to gain a different perspective on relationships in my life and was able to remove some ugly residue that was holding me back from really feeling safe and comfortable in my own skin.   I have continued to develop more acceptance and appreciation for my Spirit Guides and I am amazed at how authentic and real to me they are now! If I had to do it again, I would!

-Linda W., MA

I recently completed 6 Soul Coaching readings with Allison. Aside from it being an amazing experience, it was also beneficial. Consulting with my guides opened my mind to the behavioral patterns that hold me back from fully enjoying my life. I feel closer to my guides now and feel free to call on them for support. I am more aware of the reasons for my reactions, and so am less critical of myself.  This was an enlightening experience, and I highly recommend it! Allison is so capable, and wonderfully compassionate!
-Barbara I., NY



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