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Spirit Guides are spiritual beings who have never in body. This means that while they help us move through our incarnation here on planet earth, they have never had this experience. They are pure beings of light who have agreed to help us on our path.

Some spirit guides are with you throughout your whole incarnation. That means from birth to death, they have your back. Other spirit guides pop in and out of our life as needed. For example, if you are going to medical school, you have guides to help you through that process. The same applies if you want to learn a new skill or hobby. There are ones for that. 

Additionally, you have special ones for going through getting married, getting divorced and so on and so forth. These guides are in your life for a fairly short period of time. 

Whenever you obtain new guides, they work with your existing team that has always been with you. It is important to know that they will never interfere in your life and that you must ask for their assistance & guidance. You can have a very deep relationship with them if you are willing to allow them in and to trust the flashes of guidance that they send to you. 

If you wish, you can ask what they would like to be called and you can ask them to appear to you, so that you may see what form they take. Your guide team normally has certain members to help you with certain aspects of yourself & your life. Take some time to get to know them!

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