Soul Level Animal Communication ®

Animals are constantly communicating with us, sometimes in surprising ways. They may do something comical or something annoying, all in an effort to teach us something. In order to fully understand the lessons they are working with you on, it is helpful to work with someone who can clearly pass along those messages.

That is where I come in! I intuitively communicate with animals by connecting to their energy. I can hear messages, see images, feel physical sensation and emotions in my body, and receive downloads of information from the animal. They always find a way to relay the messages, through me, that they want you to know. While “soul level lessons” can sound pretty serious, the animals know my personality and know that I take a more lighthearted approach during a reading, so they always sprinkle in a little humor when sending me information. It’s so fun when the animal’s personality comes through in this way during the reading!

During a Soul Level Animal Communication® reading, I will intuitively connect in with your energy along with your pet’s energy. This allows the reading to go to a deeper level, as all 3 of us are working as a team to help you identify and evolve with your soul lessons. You always get to ask your animal at least one question during a reading. This can be a question about a behavioral issue or just a general question to find out how the animals are helping you evolve. The information gathered from tapping into you and your pet’s personalities, along with the response your animal has to your question, leads us into identifying the deep soul level lesson that your animal is helping you work one. You’ll discover what the lesson is, how they are showing you the lesson and what you need to do in your daily life to work toward mastering this lesson.


I currently offer four different readings:
20 Minute Reading
A 20 minute reading for only $20.00. This reading allows you to connect with 1 animal and you will have the opportunity to ask 1 question. We will of course go to the soul level to find out how your animal companion is working with you. This is a great option if this is your 1st soul level reading and you want to test the waters.

30 Minute Reading

A 30 minute reading for $30.00. This includes all that the 20 minute reading does but, with more time we can delve even deeper in the soul lessons!

45 Minute Reading

A 45 minute reading for $45.00. This includes all of the above. However, you can ask 2 questions if you choose, and since the reading is longer we can really take our time and go much deeper with the questions and the soul lesson!

60 Minute Reading

A 60 minute reading for $60.00. This includes all of the above. Additionally, you can include up to three animals, 3-4 questions and since the reading is longer we can dive deeper into the information that you animal wants to bring forth. 

An animal communication reading is not intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please see your veterinarian to address any medical concerns.



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