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I love how much information Allison always has for each session & how I can feel all the energy in my body clearing & filling my Soul. I always come away with great insight & feeling amazing!

-Carla M.

 It was a beautiful session & clearing. The information that came through & that was channeled for me was amazingly accurate & so spot on! I truly enjoyed the session with Allison. Keep doing amazing beautiful work! 

-Shannon M.

I got a lot of confirmations that was definitely needed. Allison did a great job of explaining & going over everything. 

-Carrie L.

Felt very welcome & it was comfortable. I liked the way that she presented the information she received. Straight forward. I think she did a great job. It was wonderful & helpful. I would highly recommend her.



Had an amazing session with Allison. She cleared & aligned my chakras & gave the most spot on guidance & support. Wonderful energy work & healing. Thank you!

-Melissa T.


Allison was so accurate with the information she received both prior to the session & during the session. She was personable & easy to talk with, making me feel instantly comfortable in her energy.

-Michelle T.

Allison is absolutely brilliant, she is a healers healer & oracle. She has a beautiful, supportive & clear energy & intention and I am super impressed with her ability to spotlight the priorities through her well developed Clair senses & expansive knowledge of spirit guides.


My session with Allison yesterday opened my eyes to the improvements I could make within my body. Her gentle, soft spoken voice glided me through a total amazing cleansing, preparing my body to be able to absorb all positive energy, and remove all TV and unnecessary energies. Her soft spoken manner and knowledge was extremely uplifting and encouraging. This session gave me a total awareness and sense of our place and connection with nature, people and every living thing in the universe. Thank you, Allison for this special experience.

-Janet R.

What I absolutely loved about the session was, THE ENTIRE SESSION! The more I think about what was being passed to me, the more amazed I become. Like I don't know where to begin because throughout the reading, I kept feeling more and more lighter, and almost finally coming to peace with some of my past experiences. If you ever become weighed down with a certain type of emotion or with deciding on a tough choice, try booking a session with Allison. She is amazing at connecting with your guides who are only there to help you in a way only they know how.


 I could feel the healing: anger, fear, and past hurts were gone. And I could clearly see what had been holding me back and causing my anxiety and unhappiness.I was left with a sense of revitalization and optimism that I could shed the past that had been troubling me and weighing me down. We discussed my revelation and the advice was relevant and guiding.

-Jordan G.


Allison was totally accurate. Her warm and caring personality gave me total confidence in her ability. She told me things that only I knew. She is outstanding and I definitely will be contacting her again. Thank you, Allison, for your wisdom and helping me understand myself better.

-Ann F.

Allison is such a joy to receive healing sessions with. Her tell it like it is straight talk from spirit guides, crystals and animal spirits/guides has been a real gift in my life this year. I loved the message that came from my guides about my expansion in all areas in 2023.

-Jennifer F.


I really loved the structure from healing to guidance and conversation. I feel SOOOO peaceful and way more grounded now. Allison, you are amazing! And this was so spot on my mind is blown. Thank you thank you.

-Sieglinde V. 

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