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Energy Management for Empaths & other sensitive people!

Do you find yourself picking up energy from people all around you? 

Can you easily shift from being happy to miserable simply by being around someone who is miserable or angry.

Do you wonder why this is happening & feel like there is something wrong with you?

Do you fear that you will never get it under control?


The answer is, YOU CAN! 

Energy management is not something we are taught in all of our years of schooling or by our families. However, it is something that I believe every one can learn how to do so that you can live a more peaceful life.

There are so many ways to stay in your power & in your peace no matter what is happening around you.  This program is all about providing you with "tools" to have on hand that can be used at any point in time to pull yourself back into a state of peace. Let me help you to feel EMPOWERED & in control of your own energy!

Who is this for?

-This program is for anyone who struggles to maintain peace & harmony within their own being.

-This is for you, if you know you are sensitive, but think there is nothing you can do about it. 

-This for healers & coaches who struggle with taking on their clients emotions & feel drained after their sessions.

Module 1: Why is energy management important?


In this informative module you will learn why some people are more sensitive than others; what energy management is & what it looks like in action & why it is so important for sensitive people to protect & manage their own energy at all times.

Module 2: Understand your energetic system

In this module you will gain an understanding of your energetic system which will include your auric field, chakra system & how energy flows through the body so that you will have a deeper understanding of what happens when your energetic system is not managed & maintained.

This will provide you with valuable knowledge to know when your system is out of alignment and/or overwhelmed with other peoples "stuff".

Module 3: How to manage your energy

In this fun & playful module, we will discuss all the tips & tricks to practice managing your energy so that when you are faced with the real life challenges of difficult situations, you know exactly how to remain calm, cool & collected!

Module 4: Be a screen, not a sponge!

In this module, we will tie everything together so that you can feel unstoppable & in control of how you are feeling on a daily basis. Knowledge is power & knowing the signs of when your system is about to get hijacked allows you to remain in your power!


What you get:

This is a 2 month container which contains:   

  - 4 Live -90 minute group coaching calls 

  - Replays of all calls

 -  Private facebook group for connection & support


-Energy protection healing

-outside influence energy clearing

-crystals for protection mini masterclass

Session dates & times:

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**If you cannot attend live, replays of all calls are available**

Join now with the super early bird special of $222 with coupon code: EMSPECIAL

Meet your coach

Allison is a powerful intuitive who utilizes people's spiritual support teams, animal companions & energy work to create powerful group coaching programs to help people expand & grow to their next level! 

Allison works extensively in the field of energy management & consciousness.


She is an example of the power of energy management in her own business as she sees multiple clients per day in single sessions, 1:1 coaching & group coaching programs. 

Allison is an Intuitive Coach, Soul Level Animal Communicator® , Soul Level Intuitive Coach® , Integrated Energy Alignment Practitioner, Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner & Healing as well as a Quantum Human Design Specialist tm.

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