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Rock Balancing


Working with Allison has expanded my awareness of myself + my inner patterns. I became more aware of how I was limiting myself by using default mechanisms, and Allison guided me to break free from them. There was a true feeling of freedom and expansiveness throughout our sessions, and I can say that I continue to operate from a much lighter, freer place.  I highly recommend working with Allison for her attunement to you, her great connection to the guides, and her loving light spirit that has the ability to stay playful while super present with deeply rooted things that could otherwise feel heavy. So grateful to you Allison! It was a joy to work together!

-Rita T., Portugal

After having gone through Soul Level Coaching with Allison I have had some very big shifts in how I feel about myself. I now understand how strong and capable I am after being able to heal from some trauma that I suffered. This  enables me to move through the world with a sense of calm that I never had before.  Additionally,  I was also able to gain a different perspective on relationships in my life and was able to remove some ugly residue that was holding me back from really feeling safe and comfortable in my own skin.   I have continued to develop more acceptance and appreciation for my Spirit Guides and I am amazed at how authentic and real to me they are now! If I had to do it again, I would!

-Linda W., MA

I recently completed 6 Soul Coaching readings with Allison. Aside from it being an amazing experience, it was also beneficial. Consulting with my guides opened my mind to the behavioral patterns that hold me back from fully enjoying my life. I feel closer to my guides now and feel free to call on them for support. I am more aware of the reasons for my reactions, and so am less critical of myself.  This was an enlightening experience, and I highly recommend it! Allison is so capable, and wonderfully compassionate!
-Barbara I., NY

I have learned so much from Soul Level Coaching with Allison. She has helped me understand my "work arounds" and to feel inspired to make more authentic choices. She is genuine, caring, intuitive and brings a sense of humor to her work. If you feel stuck, and are ready to make change in your life, reach out to Allison.

-Geralyn V., MA

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