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Have you always wondered what your best friend was thinking or feeling?

Have you always wanted to understanding the relationship with your animal companion on a deeper level?

Have you always felt like you knew what your animal companion needed but didn't know how you knew?

If this is you, then I invite you to join this fun & exciting group coaching program!

In this 3 month coaching container you will learn:

-how animals communicate

-how to connect with them & receive psychic information from them

-how to connect with domesticated & wild animals

-how to connect with deceased animals

-what is looks like to receive information 

-lots of live play so that I can coach you to help you build confidence!

Module 1: The basics

In this eye opening module, we will discuss the basics of how animals communicate & your psychic clairs so that you can have a solid foundation to build upon. When you are connecting with animals it is consciousness to consciousness which is why it is the most natural thing to do!

Module 2: How animals communicate with you!

In this powerful module, your will get an understanding of what animal communication looks like & all the different ways that animals can get a message to you so that you can understand why it can & will look different from animal to animal. 

Module 3: The power of intention

In this soul shifting module, you will gain a deeper understanding of how intention plays a role in animal communication so that you can create powerful intention to receive more information from the animals. 


Module 4: Playful exploration

In this playful module, you will get to connect in with animals live on the call so that you can receive coaching & confirmation of the information you received! You will also begin to understand how the information flows into you so that you can gain a better understanding of your psychic abilities.

Module 5: Diving deeper

​In this heart opening module, we will continue with actively playing & practicing in this safe group  container so that you can gain more confidence in what you are receiving along with along with seeing how other receive & leaning tips & tricks around how animals present with living or deceased!


Module 6: Tying it all together

In this powerful module, we will take all the information that you have learned & create a special way for each of you to create intentions so that you can get the most of any animal communication session. 

Live group coaching calls will be held on Thursdays:

Sept. 12, 2024  @ 5:30 pm (eastern)/ 4:30 pm (central)/ 3:30pm mountain/ 2:30 pm pacific

Sept. 26 , 2024@ 5:30 pm (eastern)/ 4:30 pm (central)/ 3:30pm mountain/ 2:30 pm pacific

Oct. 10, 2024   @ 5:30 pm (eastern)/ 4:30 pm (central)/ 3:30pm mountain/ 2:30 pm pacific

Oct. 24, 2024   @ 5:30 pm (eastern)/ 4:30 pm (central)/ 3:30pm mountain/ 2:30 pm pacific

Nov. 7, 2024    @ 5:30 pm (eastern)/ 4:30 pm (central)/ 3:30pm mountain/ 2:30 pm pacific

Nov. 21, 2024  @ 5:30 pm (eastern)/ 4:30 pm (central)/ 3:30pm mountain/ 2:30 pm pacific

Can't make it live?! No problem, replays will be available for all the classes.

What you get:

This is a 3 month container which contains:   

  - 6 Live 90 minute group coaching calls 

  - Replays of all calls

 -  Private Facebook group for connection & support


  - Psychic abilities activation & attunement (priceless!!)

  - Animal Communication activation & attunement (Priceless!)

  -crystals for psychic abilities mini masterclass (value $50.00)

  -Surprise bonuses along the way!

Get in the program now with the super early bird special of $999 with coupon code: ACSPECIAL

**Please note that space is limited in this program as I like to keep it small in size so that everyone can get individual attention. **

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