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Star Formation


Allison offered me an amazing healing session around my childhood and my relationship with my deceased Mother. This was quite unexpected as I wasn’t sure what I still needed when I sought her out for assistance. I have had past healings and thought this area was fully covered. It was NOT! It deeply impacted me that day and since. I am extremely grateful for the time she spent and for telling me like it is as I asked her to. She is quite thorough and damn good and what she does. If you need deep healing around trauma, feeling unloved, or just feeling lost.. she is the one for you! Thanks again, Allison! 

-Julie H.


Accessing the Akashic records was also great!! I got to see an event from a past life that was really acting out in this life now, and it made a huge impact in the right here right now. I highly recommend working with Allison for her attunement to you, her great connection to the guides, and her loving light spirit that has the ability to stay playful while super present with deeply rooted things that could otherwise feel heavy. So grateful to you Allison! It was a joy to work together!

-Rita T., Portugal

My Akashic Record healing session with Allison was an amazing experience! With Allison’s compassionate guidance, I went on a journey that led to self awareness and healing. I highly recommend it to all!

-Barbara I.


Thank You Allison

I was grieving deeply after the deaths of several close loved ones and questioned my life’s meaning and whether I had any purpose in existing. In particular, I wondered why, after a life of presumably laudable academic and business accomplishments, I always sabotaged myself when that final “success” seemed attainable. And I did the same thing in social relationships! The session initially confirmed what seemed obvious to me: an irrational fear of failure or rejection. Then, through the session, I learned the long ago, childhood memories that caused me to doubt myself. That was interesting and helpful. I finished the session feeling more relaxed and less stressed—but not “healed”, my hoped for outcome. But though the “session” was over, enlightenment was not. During the next two weeks, something changed. My mind examined those negative implanted memories and recognized they were fallacious and unimportant; my thoughts were flooded with the “evidence” of my successes and the many positive aspects of my life. More importantly, my mind focused on the many good things that I had done to help people in my life and ways that I could continue to do so. And though I still grieve the death of my loved ones, those happy memories that made me cry are starting to bring comfort and the depression lifted gradually.  I’m not “healed”, but I see a path forward and every day brings me closer. I anticipate pursuing self-understanding and guidance through more Akashic record sessions with Allison.

-Jordan G.


Allison has a great knowledge and understanding of the Akashic records and used her skill to provide me with a very powerful healing. The process she uses to access the records is quick and effective, and she has the ability to get to the crux of the matter and use her healing skills accordingly. The chakra healing I received was excellent and had an immediate positive effect. Thank you, Allison!

-Ali G.



My Akashic Records reading with Allison gave me clarity and allowed me to move forward with confidence and ease.  Allison always tells it like it is and consistently delivers reliable information.  She is my go to person when I need help overcoming obstacles and getting back on track.  I always leave her readings feeling empowered and clear about my path. 

-Stacey W., MA



I just want to thank you for a very insightful Akashic records reading. You were spot on with the lessons I need to continue to learn on my soul’s path. I really appreciated your suggestions given from masters and loved 

Ones. Listening to you helps me see I’m on the soul path that’s meant for me and I will continue to tune into my feelings and trust them more as suggested. Just wanted to thank you so much. I really will take this information and continue to grow.  

- Ann Marie F. NY

In my Akashic Records session with Allison Dellatore, she guided me clearly and efficiently, so I felt confident with the process. I was amazed how quickly answers came in to the question I had posed about my business. The images Allison received were such spot-on metaphors for how to think about my business right now, and Allison’s experience with bringing meaning to pieces of information is clear. Thanks so much, Allison!

- Elisabeth S. 

Allison did an amazing job during my reading.  She was able to give me guidance and answers to questions I have been trying to figure out myself.  She could also tell where in my body I hold tension and gave me practical advice to help alleviate that tension.  She was able to provide guidance on how to build on my psychic abilities. Allison is genuine and kind hearted. If you're looking for reading, you won't be disappointed. I can't thank you enough! 

- Jessica G., Canada

My Akashic Record reading with Allison gave me a renewed sense of hope and possibility. I came to Allison for help understanding some recurring health issues. I was feeling frustrated and looking at myself harshly for not being able to “fix myself.” Allison immediately put me at ease. She is wise, funny, and compassionate, and the information she receives is so clear and spot on. She clued in right away to places in my body where I’ve been holding tension, and the ways in which I sabotage my efforts at healing without knowing it. The picture she painted of my internal battles with myself was so precise. She gently showed me the limitations I put on myself, and she made me laugh, which I needed because I can be very serious sometimes! The bigger picture view of my health issues that she gave me helped me see how my symptoms aren’t a sign of failure, but a part of my journey toward allowing myself to be the loving, capable, powerful person I am meant to be in this life. Since the reading, I feel like I’ve made space inside me for all the parts of myself. I feel kinder to myself, more patient, and more able to listen to what my body needs without self-judgment. And the big surprise is how much better my body feels now that I have a daily practice of checking in with it. I am so grateful to Allison and her incredible gift!

- Stephanie H., PA

My first Akashic Records reading was with Allison and to be honest, I didn't know all that much about it. I had given some thought to my question and found her reading to be inspiriting, resonating deeply with me. I highly recommend a reading with her to gain insight into your past and to connect it to what's going on in your life now. 

-Geralyn V., MA

I had contacted Allison of Soul Level previously to read my dog Sami.  He was a rescue dog and had a few issues that I needed to know more about.  I was  amazed by her ability to connect with him and accurately pinpoint his problems so I would know how I could improve his behavior.  I was so impressed with Allison that I asked her to read my Akashic records.  They gave me insight as to why I function as I do, and how to better myself.   Because she was so precise, I then asked her to read the Akashic records for two other adult family members.   Each was totally different,  completely on-target, and very useful.  I highly recommend Allison Dellatore.  She is remarkable, kind, and has a gift which is invaluable.  Thank you so much, Allison.

- Ann F. NY

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