Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is a Soul Level Animal Communication Reading?

A.  I will be connecting with you and your animal for this reading. It is best NOT to share any information about your animal with me prior to our session. The goal in one of these readings is to find the soul level lesson your animal is working with you on.   Animals may use behavior problems, health issues or just their demeanor as a way of teaching you.  ​If the animal is alive, I will do a body mapping of the animal and feel if there is any area in your animal's body that needs attention. Please be advised that if you have medical concerns about your animal, please see a veterinarian for advice. An intuitive session is not meant to prevent, diagnose or treat any medical condition.

Q.  Can I have an animal communication reading if my pet has crossed over?

A. Yes! You can have an animal communication reading with a pet who is alive or one who is deceased.

Q. Am I allowed to ask a question during the reading?

A. Yes, depending on the length of your session you will have the opportunity to ask one or more questions.

Q. How do I prepare for the reading?

A. Be sure to have a pen and paper with you so that you may make notes during the reading or if you wish you can record the session. Sometimes the information you receive in a session doesn’t make sense at the time, but will later.  Having notes will help refresh your memory and better understand the information received during your session.

Q. Does my pet need to be present during the reading?​

A. No, your pet does not need to be present.

Q. What information do you need about my animal? Do you need a photograph of my pet?

A. I prefer to not have any information about your animal.

Q. How do I schedule a reading?

A. Please go to the booking page. Once you have selected the day and time you want please specify in the comments section if you would like a telephone reading or a reading via video conferencing. Please note that all calendar times are Eastern Standard Time.

Q. What happens on the day of my reading?

A. I will contact you via telephone on the number you provided or video conferencing (skype or zoom). 

Q. What happens during a Spirit Guide session?

A. I will intuitively connect in with your spirit guide team to obtain information that is for your highest and greatest good. If it is an Intuitive Coaching session then I will obtain what limiting beliefs your guides feel like you are ready to work on. Over the course of six sessions we will work to shift the limiting beliefs. In an Intuitive Guidance session I will connect in with your spirit guide team to help you address current issues that are causing you distress. Please note an Intuitive Guidance session is a one time 60 minute session. Spirit Guide sessions are done via Zoom.



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