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Your Soul Family

Everyone has a Soul family which consists of the family members, friends, strangers & animal companions that you have in this lifetime & many more from other lifetimes.

It is important to know that your family is comprised of those Souls that you have chosen to work with from lifetime to lifetime. Yes, your animal companions are included in your Soul family & have agreed to work with you in every lifetime. Your animal companions can switch their appearance in each life such as a dog in this lifetime & a horse in a previous one.

Most people feel an immediate connection with an animal or notice that an animal they just met takes an immediate interest in them. This is because their is soul recognition that is occurring. Animals will go to extreme lengths to connect with their person. They can find you from other countries, cities or states. The Soul connection knows no bounds!

Many people worry that the new animal who is slated to enter their life won't be able to find them, which is simply not true. You can think of it like this: Every living being emits their own frequency & their own light which acts as beacon for those Souls who are meant to enter your life. For example, if you recently had an animal transition & that animal says they will send you a new animal companion, the new companion will always find you. You don't have to find them!

Soul families have a unique connection whether you know the family member in this lifetime or not. These are Souls who have big missions with you & are here to help you learn the lessons that you choose to work on in this lifetime. Sometimes the relationship is positive & sometimes it is negative, but it is ALWAYS in your highest & greatest good!

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