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Past Lives

Connecting into & learning about your past lives is a great way to understand yourself. Each lifetime that we have enables to grow, but it also allows opportunities for events that shape us in a way that creates loops, oaths, contracts, vows & agreements.

When you experience a past life regression, you are actually connecting with your previous self. There are occasions, both good & bad, where a part of your soul fragments & is left at a particular spot in a particular lifetime. In a past life regression we reconnect that part of your soul to you to make you whole & to heal anything that is no longer serving you. You may have made a vow that is outdated & that is keeping you stuck in a particular pattern or loop.

By clearing, healing & reconnecting parts of your soul back to you, you are able to shift old belief patterns and/or understand why you have certain fears that don't make any logical sense in this lifetime & much more. When you heal within the Akashic record, you are healing across all timelines, spaces, portals & dimensions!

The Masters, Teachers & Loved Ones of the Akashic record will support you & guide you during the past life regression. They will only reveal what is ready to be healed in that moment & will remind you the whole time that you are safe!

Some people worry that they will witness something horrible. Please know that they will only reveal what you are able to handle & nothing more. The process you go through in a past life regression is always all about healing and it is important to know that not all past life experiences end badly! Some past lives will be revealed to help you understand your own power!

In my Soul Evolution Program, past lives play a very important role. They allow you to connect dots, which then enables you to get a whole new perspective on yourself & those around you. When you understand how & when an issue came to be, you can then move on from that issue. Conscious & unconscious loops can play a big role in your life. These are thoughts that are on repeat in your mind & they can keep you feeling stuck, always choosing unhealthy relationships & much more. All of these issues can be revealed & healed in the Akashic record. To learn more you can book a FREE 30 minute discovery call to see if the Soul Evolution Program is right for you !

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