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Gradient Ocean


I love how much information Allison always has for each session & how I can feel all the energy in my body clearing & filling my Soul. I always come away with great insight & feeling amazing!

-Carla M.

 It was a beautiful session & clearing. The information that came through & that was channeled for me was amazingly accurate & so spot on! I truly enjoyed the session with Allison. Keep doing amazing beautiful work! 

-Shannon M.

I got a lot of confirmations that was definitely needed. Allison did a great job of explaining & going over everything. 

-Carrie L.

Felt very welcome & it was comfortable. I liked the way that she presented the information she received. Straight forward. I think she did a great job. It was wonderful & helpful. I would highly recommend her.



Had an amazing session with Allison. She cleared & aligned my chakras & gave the most spot on guidance & support. Wonderful energy work & healing. Thank you!

-Melissa T.


Allison was so accurate with the information she received both prior to the session & during the session. She was personable & easy to talk with, making me feel instantly comfortable in her energy.

-Michelle T.

Allison is absolutely brilliant, she is a healers healer & oracle. She has a beautiful, supportive & clear energy & intention and I am super impressed with her ability to spotlight the priorities through her well developed Clair senses & expansive knowledge of spirit guides.